Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our logic branching capabilities in Google forms. Previously, a form creator had to add an extensive amount of multiple choice questions to the form to ensure that respondents were directed to the correct pages of the form. Form creators can now use a simpler page navigation feature to direct respondents to relevant pages regardless of their answers. Instead of using “dummy” multiple choice questions, form creators can now use “Go to page based on answer” multiple choice questions in conjunction with the new page navigation capabilities to make a simple, easy-to-follow form.

Let’s say you want to write a choose your own adventure story using Google forms (The Hunt for the terrible Dr. von Schneider). First, create a form and give your adventurer a difficult choice to make in a multiple choice question.

Next, check the box next to Go to page based on answer while editing the question. This enables the option for your form respondents to be directed to different pages of your form. In the drop down menu next to each answer, select the corresponding pages they should be directed to based on their answer.

Using page navigation, you can redirect form respondents previously split apart back to the same page. Under the Add Item menu, select Page break. Then, select what page you’d like your form respondents to be directed to under the drop down menu in the page break.

With page navigation selected, form respondents who landed on pages two and four of your form will both be directed to page five, where their adventure ends ... or does it? Find out here.

Try it out using another template we’ve created or share your own in the Google Docs template gallery.


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